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Are you looking for divorce lawyers in Chandigarh? Marriage as a social institution is quite dynamic in nature. The social, legal and moral values associated with marriage are quite flexible and change to fit into the present mould acceptable in the society. Though, two individuals getting married do so with the hopes of spending the rest of their lives together yet things do not remain as positive always. Many marriages do not survive the test of time and the breakdown being irreparable, end up in a divorce. Its is at this moment when you need divorce lawyers in Chandigarh. The process of getting a divorce in Chandigarh, whether trying the alternate dispute resolution or directly through court proceedings can be quite stressful for all the individuals involved. However, the help of the best divorce lawyer in Chandigarh can make the whole procedure less cumbersome and help you get to the end of tunnel with minimum setbacks.

With each passing day, the number of divorce cases being filed by our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh are on rise. This is quite representative of the larger reality. Instead of mending the issues, couples are opting for quitting the game altogether. This is a rather unsettling change and makes us wonder what common thread could be tying all the divorces. And no prizes for guessing, most couples cite “compatibility issues”to be the primary reason why they are unable to stay married anymore. Being tolerant and patient is not the same as enduring wrong and closing your eye to the evil. After all law exists for the very protection of the wronged and victim of evil actions. Yet there needs to be a more patient outlook towards the differences which make each of us unique in ourselves and letting go of the little faults. In a way, an adverse reaction to someone’s wrong actions is also unjust. Vengeance and an exaggerated reaction are not the right ways to fight wrongdoing.

Compatibility hardly ever comes naturally to us. It is something which needs to be worked on, every day, throughout our life. Human beings cannot get along with each just by the virtue of being the same species. Every individual is unique, with their own qualities, fallacies, pet peeves, whims and fancies. Like any other familial association, marriage is no different. There are bound to be frictions and arguments. A successful marriage is not the one where no one fights, but where the relationship is valued more than ego. Nowadays, if a marriage isn’t working, things escalate far too quickly and we see divorce proceedings turn into a slugfest with each party trying to outdo the other in terms of defamation and levelling of charges, at times criminal. Taking a stand for your self doesn’t mean unnecessarily criticising the other partner and his/her faults and being intolerant of the other, desiring some kind of control and similarity. Media too has a role to play in further weakening the bonds between two people. With its imaginary portrayal of perfect relationships and misleading people to believe they are not getting what they rightfully deserve, media is another entity to be blamed.

Our advice: The right way to begin to resolve an issue would be to know the root cause of the same. We receive a lot of disgruntled couples, all set to separate and not ready to even speak to the opposite party. Bitterness from a bad marriage overrides practicality at times. Our experience has taught us that there always must be an attempt to mediate between the parties, get them to talk about their problems and reconcile if possible, rather than jumping into the docks directly. It is never the fault of one person alone. In other words, both the parties need to be made to face the issues and work out a solution if possible. We try our best to save a marriage before the last resort of beginning with the divorce proceedings.

Practice Areas

Registration of Marriage: The marriage is registered with the Registrar of Marriages of a district. The documents mandatory for the same include the following:

  • proof of the marriage (photographs of the rituals, marriage certificate of the Temple or Arya Samaj, if available),
  • proofs of birth and age, of each spouse,
  • two witnesses, etc.

In case the wedded couple fear a threat to their safety and life owing to the marriage, they can seek the help of the law and approach the High Court with the help of a competent lawyer to seek protection from hostile family members, relatives or other members from their respective caste communities who are opposed to the wedlock. Either of the spouses can file a petition for conjugal rights. The court, if satisfied about the merits of the case, would pass an appropriate order.

Separation: The separation can either be judicial or non-judicial in nature. It can be a ground for divorce.

Maintenance: Though either of the spouses can file a Maintenance application as per the provisions of section 125 of the CrPC, yet, the wives are usually granted maintenance. Child maintenance application can also be filed under section 125 of CrPC.

Divorce: The petition for divorce can either be contested or mutual. The grounds for divorce as per Section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act include adultery, conversion, cruelty, desertion, Schizophrenia, unsoundness of mind, virulent and incurable leprosy and venereal disease in a contagious form. The divorce case can be filed in the court under whose jurisdiction the couple last lived jointly, place of residence of the wife or the place where the marriage was solemnised. The divorce petition might be filed before the District Judge/Family Court with due jurisdiction to hear the matter.

Child Custody: The custody rights of a child especially if younger in age is mostly granted to the mother unless contested or mutually agreed upon. Peaceful resolution of matrimonial disputes should always be the priority. However, if things seem to have worsened beyond any discussions and divorce seems imminent, our team of divorce lawyers can guide you through the process and ensure you encounter the least inconvenience during the trial.

We cater to clients looking for legal help with respect to:

  • The registration of marriage under personal law
  • Restitution of conjugal rights
  • Divorce
  • Custody rights of a child
  • Judicial/ non-judicial Separation
  • Maintenance of a spouse
  • Maintenance of a child

Our lawyers have represented cases pertaining to the following acts:

  • Special Marriage Act
  • The Hindu Marriage Act
  • Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act
  • Hindu Adoptions, and Maintenance Act
  • The Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act
  • The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, and

Our Philisophy

Excellence and perseverance have been our guiding principles since the inception of the firm. Our consistency and the level of commitment set us apart from the other law firms of the town. We have been practicing since the last 46 years and we look at each day as an opportunity to make a difference in the society with our work. Being the leading divorce lawyers of the region has afforded us the opportunity to work for the betterment of a lot of women and men stuck in bad marriages and help them get their matter resolved in the least possible time. We have seen divorces being filed after varying years of marriage, due to different reasons. No case is same as the other. Every couple has their own reasons for calling it quits and therefore we improvise our approach and strategy for every case. The field of litigation is quite dynamic, though it may appear to a layman that after decades of practice it might be cakewalk for us, they couldn’t be more wrong. Every case is like a research topic for us, we give it due time, try to understand its nuances, look for solutions and prepare our arguments and debates accordingly. For us the client and his/her benefit is of the utmost importance. We greatly value our relationship with our clients and it is more than just business for us, it is our passion to provide the best services to all our clients.

Although we are a law firm with multiple lawyers on board, we have a unified vision of what we strive to achieve through our efforts and a consensus on our work ethics. We approach every case with the common core philosophies. We believe that the most crucial components to helping our divorce law clients are: honesty, a sure shot strategy, and logic. Clients look for a lawyer who is willing to provide them an honest assessment about the merits of the case. This includes being clear about informing and guiding the client about probable outcomes and counselling as to what is important from the judicial perspective. It is easy to say the words a client would want to hear. We believe in building a relationship based on honesty and therefore we like to state the black and the white and steer clear of any greys in our statements and assessment of the case. A lot rests on being realistic in matters of litigation. Neither we nor the client can be completely prepared for what lies ahead if we befool ourselves and our clients into believing that we have already clinched the case. A logical and realistic analysis of the circumstances helps us prepare a better plan and debate to fight for the client’s rights. The client is also able to make informed decisions once he/she knows the odds.

Divorce matters are no trivial cases therefore we cannot sit back and rest easy. A single inadvertent error could have enormous personal, financial and emotional repercussions for our client. We believe in being prepared before hand, approach a case with an organised perspective, taking into account every miniscule detail and working our way around every loophole. Strategy can make or mar a case for us. It is always team work in our law firm. We have a team of budding lawyers assisting the senior associates in the research work and drafting. Every statement to be made, every claim is tested for its veracity and the reactions it might invite and we debate all possible recourses and responses. No case can be taken lightly however simple it may appear on its surface. The client is made part of the preparations and his/her insights and comments are invited since that helps us refine our view and at times some new fact might come up which could further strengthen our debate.

Finally, logic plays a significant role in litigation. A holistic standpoint is necessary to get to the depths of a case and understand what it entails. We perform a cost/benefit analysis of every move we plan to make sure every step we take, is a step closer to victory. It is easy to get emotionally swayed going through a divorce and our lawyers are always mindful of the fact that we have to deal with our clients with all the compassion and patience we can manage. It is up to us to make the client comfortable while sharing disturbing details, as intrusive it may sound but these are necessary facts to be included in our debates. Divorce matters are highly sensitive and our lawyers understand this too well. We believe compassion is an indispensable quality of being a competent lawyer and we are always conscious not to put the client in an uncomfortable spot. Though there is no single formula to guarantee a win in every case, we do follow the same ideals and ethics while representing our clients and it has always worked in our favour.

Being divorce lawyers since years, we have always honored the trust our clients have shown in our capability. We value lawyer/client communication and keep the two-way channel always open for sharing of any insights, clearing any queries, answering the numerous questions which are natural for the client to be worried about. Since day one, we inform the client about every little detail and how we propose to handle the case. Our divorce law firm in Chandigarh takes every case very seriously. A divorce case doesn’t have to necessarily be the emotional courtroom drama it is erroneously depicted as. It can be settled in a graceful manner too given your lawyer knows his game well. Though we always try to settle matters in an efficient and hassle free manner yet some cases are bound to require full blown aggressive litigation. Our lawyers are prepared to handle the case either ways.

Why choose us

Families have their share of ups and downs and at times the conflicts do not remain within the confines of the home and may be on the verge of knocking the doors of the court. Legal disputes within the family setup include divorce proceedings, separation, property division, child custody issues, deciding the alimony and other cases like these. Our team of family lawyers has years of experience and have successfully handled various family disputes. Our mantra has been to be provide the best of services to our clients and make sure they do not face any untoward trouble during the litigation.

Though family lawyers are abundant in the tri-city yet it is a difficult task to find the right one. It is our vision to be completely committed to the cause we take up and we go out of the way to ensure our services are upto the mark. Years of experience has exposed us to the variety of cases possible in the realm of family law and also the possible loopholes which could be exploited to the disadvantage of the parties.

We take up family disputes which include and are not limited to the following:

  • Adoption
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Child Custody
  • Child Marriage cases
  • Contested and Mutual Divorce
  • Counseling & Mediation
  • Divorce, Child Custody, Child Abduction
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dowry demand complaint cases
  • Drafting Divorce Petitions for clients
  • Foreign Divorce
  • Guardianship etc

It has always been our belief that lesser the dispute gets embroiled in formal litigation, the better. Indian judicial system doesn’t have the fastest resolution of cases. This is primarily the reason why we first try to explore the possibility of alternate dispute resolution, via negotiation, mediation or reconciliation, if possible. A court case brings along not just the financial and moral stress but in case of family disputes, a straining of familial ties which might give rise to further disputes, also the defamation of the entire families involved. It isn’t uncommon to notice that professional lives of the litigants also suffer as a consequence of family disputes. It is our attempt to try to get the parties to settle their issues amicably, out of the court if possible and resort to formal court proceedings as the last resort when no other method works.

Family law cases can prove to be traumatic legal issues. The stress of fighting it out with our own kin can take its toll on the individuals involved. It is our earnest endeavour to make sure our client doesn’t bear the brunt of being caught in litigation. Since family matters are sensitive in nature we take each and every step as per the client’s comfort and keep them informed. Since no association is successful without transparency and honesty, our relationship with our clients is no different. Family law and related lawsuits can prove to be unnecessarily difficult.

Being a legal representative entails much more than simply fighting the case for the client. We have to be patient, compassionate and understanding about our client’s situation and act accordingly. Without these qualities a lawyer can never be successful at his job. To get the desired results, we make sure we maintain a two-way communication channel with our clients, getting their inputs and letting them know the progress.

Our Chandigarh family lawyers have represented clients all over Chandigarh. We have some of the most experienced family lawyers of Chandigarh who have the expertise and the requisite skills to deal with litigation pertaining to family law. Our diligent family lawyers work persistently to get our clients the most exemplary outcomes. Our family lawyers are patient and active listeners and approach the problem with analysis and proper evaluation which helps them to provide a sound judgement on the issue.

Family disputes often get dragged on for years, and in all futility. It is totally upto the legal advisor’s skill to provide a prompt solution to the client and suggest the most viable course of action. A wrong and inexperienced representative could prolong the agony for you and drain you of your precious time and finances. Therefore it is strongly recommended you choose the best to take up your case and get your matters resolved at the earliest.